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Speaker Profile: Nick Looby

Nick’s message is for you if you’re drowning in an ocean of noise and your career depends on you being heard.

Nick suggests you can (and you must) take this even further. Don’t settle for being heard but ensure that you get through! Enjoy stronger relationships at work and at home, secure incredible success with clients and loved ones and have the sort of fun you deserve through enhanced and impactful human communication.

Nick has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his insightful humor, focused observation and his power to inspire action. With his potent and unique approach to communication, Nick will not only alter the way you think, but, more importantly, transform the way you act. Nick has helped some of the largest organizations, including HSBC, UK Power Networks, Proctor & Gamble and the BBC to greater success by enabling them to communicate with more courage, influence and purpose.

"The pace of business change today has never been faster and the competition is global. Everyone is looking for a technology silver bullet but it’s so often the case of smart computers and dumb companies. Nick could be your answer. He totally understands your most important but complex asset, your people, and his technique can unleash their true potential to let engagement and productivity soar."
Mervyn Middleby: Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Northern Ireland

Nick recently appeared on the Business Intelligence show on SKY TV, reaching an even wider audience with his communication insights.

Nick is extremely proud to be among the TED family, speaking at TEDx events in 2015 at which he played a game of ‘catch’ with the entire audience and in 2017 where he opened up the debate around the dangers of our communication evolution. Both were fun-filled milestones in his development as an authority on modern communication. Nick’s latest book, Modern Zombies, published in November 2017, is shaking up the communication industry and sparking some incredibly interesting debates across all sectors.

"Nick Looby is one of the best presenters I have ever come across, his relaxed and informal approach works well and he always makes me sit up, listen and smile. Nick is a joy to watch and whenever I hear him speak I always learn something and apply it immediately! The best thing that Nick does is make you question the way you do things and he always gets you thinking. Simply Brilliant!"
Hayley Roy: Managing Director,

One of the founding partners of the 21st Century Leadership Project; Nick will demonstrate how you can revolutionise your communication environment, your interactions and your results.