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TPO’s work with Referenceline

Referenceline carries out independent surveys on TPO's behalf (Click to zoom)
Referenceline carries out independent surveys on TPO's behalf

Referenceline carries out independent customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of TPO to meet the compliance standards requested by the Trading Standard Institute, which approved TPO’s Sales Code last August after it took over from the OFT to run the Consumer Code Approval Scheme (CCAS).

TPO’s Code of Practice states that this monitoring is mandatory for all sales and letting agents to enable:

• TPO to maintain TSI’s approval of TPO’s Sales Code (which sales agents can promote to consumers in their branches and collateral as a distinct point of difference)
• To support TPO’s application to gain TSI approval for the Lettings Code of Practice

How is the research carried out?
Referenceline conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys on a random sample of TPO member agents every month.

If you are selected, you will receive an initial email from TPO after the random selection has been made. The surveys can be completed online or in writing and full instructions are provided on how to take part.

The satisfaction scores are broken down by how professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful the consumer feels the agent is.

What are the benefits for agents that take part?
• All reviews are posted including complaints as well as praise and can be viewed on both,/tpos and the TPO website under the ‘Find a member page’ where visitors can look up an agent by entering the name or branch address
• 90% of the feedback received is positive, recommending the firm concerned
• The ratings and reviews can be printed and used in your marketing appraisals
• The results provide agents with an unrivalled and powerful marketing tool

Your participation enables TPO to carry out the customer satisfaction research needed to retain TSI Sales Code approval and it is also a requirement to achieve full TSI approval for the Lettings Code

We are encouraging TPO members to subscribe to Referenceline's ongoing service which enables them to invite all of their customers to give their feedback. To find out more, please email
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