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Changes to the Reinstatement Process

From the 1st October 2015, members who do not pay as their membership expires will be terminated from membership two months from their renewal date.

The invoice and any subsequent chase letters that are issued will confirm that Agents may only reinstate (without charge) after initial non-payment for 4 weeks after the original renewal date. To do so agents will be required to recomplete an application form and provide a copy of professional indemnity insurance.

Should agents not pay fees within the reinstatement period their membership will remain ceased and if they wish to re-join this will incur a re-joining fee of &50 plus VAT (in addition to the annual fee). This is to be returned with a completed application form and the relevant supporting documents as detailed on the application form.

It is essential that TPO maintain accurate records and Agents comply with the requirements of the law. Agents are reminded that it is a legal obligation to be registered with an Approved Redress Scheme – re-instatement will ensure continuous coverage – ceased membership means that Agents will not meet legal obligations.