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Dear Member, 

Below is an update on some recent information we have shared on our website, social channels and email.
We have brought together Government and Professional Association advice on COVID-19 to put the information most relevant to you in one place.
Pre COVID-19 Assured Advice is available on our website, as well as online training for those looking to gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.
Finally, a brief reminder that our annual conference has been postponed until 2021, but in its place this year, we will be running a webinar with Rightmove.

COVID-19 Advice For You


Online Training 


<span style="text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%;">New Assured Advice for Agents</span>

Primary Authority Assured Advice applicable to all TPO member agents was obtained from Warwickshire County Council on 'Developers and Rental Income Guarantees' (Advice 36) and 'Violent Deaths and Paedophiles'. 

Primary Authority advice is available to all TPO members to view, follow and to rely upon should Trading Standards Officers from a different local authority have a different interpretation of the legislation.

Assured Advice 36: Developers and Rental Income Guarantees

Advice requested:

  1. What rules must an agent follow when marketing residential properties as buy-tolet investment opportunities with rental income guarantees on behalf of developers?
  2. What due diligence should an agent exercise when marketing properties on behalf of clients who are developers?



Assured Advice 37: Violent Deaths and Paedophiles 

Advice requested:

  1. The previous occupant of a property was murdered or committed suicide; do I need to disclose this to potential purchasers / tenants?
  2. The vendor of a property is a convicted paedophile. Do I have to tell potential purchasers? What if the paedophile is not the vendor, but a near neighbour?


<span style="text-align: center; display: block; width: 100%;">TPO Conference Changed to a Webinar</span>